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Welcome to Mr. Daniel’s Class

July 25, 2013

I want to welcome both parents and students to my class this year.  I hope you find this site useful and enjoyable as it offers a window into our classroom and the happenings at Benton.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead your children in their last year in elementary school.  I will work hard to ensure they are ready for fifth grade and beyond. We will have a lot of fun this year through activities in class and various events that I do with my class, (the first one is a day of class in a one room school house, that I’ll tell them more about later).

I just wanted to remind you of the open hose/meet the teacher night coming up on Aug 13 at 5:30.  You should have received a letter from me about the details of that evening.  Also here is a link to the school supplies for fourth grade.  If you can’t get everything that’s on the list right now, that’s fine, we don’t use it all on the first day anyway.

For those of you who are new to a blog format, here are a few ways I’ll use this blog:

  • To share information that is going on in the classroom
  • To communicate important events at school and in the community
  • Display projects or events that are taking place at Benton
  • To provide instructional tools and resources for parents as needed
  • For good humor and to interact with students and parents

Other than just presenting text, I’ll be able to share photos regarding what we’ve been up to in our classroom.  I’ll also be able to share videos from class events, (or just relevant funny clips)

I will also be able to share links to programs we use at school

Everyday Math

Study Island

I hope you use this tool to check in from time to time, view our newsletters, and share in your child’s classroom experience.  Please feel free to interact, ask questions, and participate in discussion here on this site.  I’m looking forward to beginning a new year and helping the students feel confident in themselves and their abilities.

Mr. Daniel

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