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Let Them Show You What They Know with Study Island

September 6, 2013


I wanted to make you aware of a fantastic resource that we use in the classroom and that you can use at home to reinforce what your children are learning in school.  You may have heard of this web resource we have at Benton that the students use every week called Study Island. Here is what the log on page looks like.

Once your child logs on they can choose topics that we have covered recently or they can go back and work on areas they may have struggled with previously. They are tested on the knowledge they learned in class and then have an opportunity to play games on the site if they do well.

Here is an example of what your child’s page may look like.  What you want to see are a lot of blue ribbons.  That means your child has mastered the topic and is comfortable with the concept.  If you see a red triangle with an exclamation point in it, that means they are struggling with the topic and would benefit from additional help.  If you see building blocks that means they had trouble, but since then have mastered the concept and now understand it.

This website is just one other tool your child can use to review what they are learning at school.  I also allow the student to use mastery learning on these assignments.  If they score poorly on one assignment, I let them try another 10 questions to improve their grade.  If they don’t have time to complete more questions at school, they are welcome to complete them at home.  If you have time, log on with them and let them show you what they’ve learned.

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