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Week of Aug 22 Newsletter

August 22, 2014

Week one down!  We have had a great first week and I have a FANTASTIC class this year.  We spent last week getting to know each other and this past week we have been refreshing our memories on some basic skills.  We will hit the ground running next week in all subjects. 

Important Paperwork

Thank you for getting all the important documents back to me so quickly.  There are still a few people who have some forms out.  Please return them no later than Wednesday.   

Math and Reading

There are two areas that will receive more attention than any others this year, math and reading.  The students need to have their multiplication facts through twelve mastered before our Thanksgiving break.  If they know their facts well, math will be much easier for them as the year goes on.  Most of the students have set goals for themselves regarding memorizing their multiplication facts.  Please help them master these as soon as possible.

For AR reading the students need to read at least 30 minutes at home each night, and we will read at least 30 minutes at school.  When possible, please read with them.  I will be doing all that I can to help them develop their vocabulary and word decoding skills to help them become better readers.

Vocabulary and Social Studies

The students have eight vocabulary words this coming week:

hypothesis—an educated guess; if this, then this…                                                                                                                

analyze—to break down and look at the parts carefully

appoint—to choose for an office or position                                                                                                                            

persuade—to win approval or support for  by urging or arguing                                                                

congruent—having the same size and shape                                                                                                                

concentric—circles with the same center point                                                                                                                        

enthusiastically—in such a way as showing an eager interest                                                                                              

persimmon—a yellowish orange fruit of a North American tree                                                                                                          

We will discuss and use these words throughout the week and the students will have a vocabulary quiz on Fridays.  This week in social studies the students will learn about national, state, and local governments and the various branches of government and how they are supposed to work for us (in theory J).

Important Dates

September 1st              Labor Day (No school)

September 4th               Watch Dog Sign up

September 12th              4th Grade Fall Fling (We will send out more information about this in the coming weeks)

September 19th              Football Homecoming

Thank you for all of your help in getting the students ready.  I look forward to having a great year with you and your children.

Mr. Daniel

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