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Week of August 29th Newsletter

August 28, 2014



We are beginning to settle into a routine and the students are working hard.  I wanted to let you know that we received our state MAP test results.  I have the individual results for each student on their communication arts and math MAP tests.  I will provide you with a copy of their results during parent teacher conferences, which will be held in mid-October.  If you would like to see your child’s scores before that time just let me know via email at  and I can email you their results.

Overall, the scores were well below where they should be.  We have a lot of work to do this year to get them caught up.   We want the students to be proficient in their abilities so they will have more confidence in their own abilities and be better prepared to pursue whatever future they choose.  I am going to need your help this year as we work together to prepare your children for a successful future in school and later in life.


Next week the students will work on identifying the main idea and supporting details in passages.  This is a difficult concept for many students.  In a lot of cases the students can find the main idea, but struggle with finding details to support their conclusions.

Social Studies

We will wrap up our studies of government next week.  We are finishing the book The Kid Who Ran for President.  The students are learning about the election process in a fun fictional story.  (They will also be able to take an AR test on the book if they choose to).


Next week in math the students will review place value and begin working larger numbers.


In science next week the students will begin studying ecosystems and learn how plants and animals interact.

Upcoming Events

September 1st No School (Labor Day)                                      September 12th 4th Grade Tailgate Party (5-6:30)

September 4th Mazzio’s Night for Benton                             September 19th Football Homecoming

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