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Week of October 13

October 13, 2014


One quarter down.  In just three short quarters your fourth grader will be a middle schooler!  The first quarter has flown by and before you know it we will be getting ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

Parent Teacher Conferences

By now all of you should have received notifications about upcoming parent teacher conferences.  If you have not received any notification, please contact me at school by calling 451-8610, or email me at so we can set up a time to discuss your child’s progress.  I am looking forward to discussing your child’s performance in class as well as any questions or concerns you may have.


This week in math the students will compare whole numbers; evaluate expressions using parentheses; solve open sentences using +, -, x, and /; and Unit 3 Assessment.


This week in reading the students will continue to evaluate text structure, the different ways authors put non-fiction text together, and learn different ways to organize the information using graphic organizers.

Soc. Studies

In social studies the students are learning about the first Europeans in Missouri as well as early French explorers in Missouri.


In science this week the students will identify and describe ecosystems, habitats, and populations.


We have a fresh start in AR since we are beginning a new quarter.  I only had 10 of the 24 students in my class meet their AR goal, by far the lowest number of students to meet their goals in my eight years here at Benton.  This is not because the students are not good readers. Overall, this class has the ability to read, we are just not putting forward the effort and investment in time.  Please help me in encouraging your children to read at least 20 minutes at home each night.  Being able to read fluently is one of the most critical skills your child will need to succeed in school.  Help me in making this a priority for them.

Upcoming Events

Oct 20th                 School Board Meeting                                  Oct 29th                 Fall Party @ 2:30

Oct 22nd                50’s Day                                                        Oct 30th                 No School P/T Conf

Oct 22nd                Parent/Teacher Conf Begins                         Oct 31st                 No School

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