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Week of October 20th

October 22, 2014


Good afternoon.  I just have a few quick reminders for this week’s newsletter.  I know I’ll be meeting with each of you face to face over the next two weeks so I will keep this short.

Parent Teacher Conferences

As mentioned above, I have conferences scheduled with each of you either this week or next week.  If you are not sure of your scheduled conference time, I’ve included the dates and times below.  If you have any questions, please contact me at school, 451-8610 or email me at If you arrive to school after 4:00 p.m. please park behind the school (on the north side) and use the door to the furthest right side. The doors in the front of the building (on the south side) will be locked.


The students will add, subtract, multiply, & divide to solve open sentences; identify the values of digits in decimals; read, write, & order decimals through thousandths; name the fractional part of ONE; and rename fractions with 10 & 100 in the denominator as decimals.


In science the students will study producers and consumers in their habitats.


In reading the students will learn how to use non-fiction text features, such as graphs, tables, diagrams, and timelines.

Social Studies

This week the students will study the importance of the Louisiana Purchase in the history of Missouri and how Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery opened up the West.

Conference Schedule

Oct 22nd                                                Oct 23rd                                                                Oct 27th

Catherine             3:50-4:10             Isabelle                 3:50-4:10              Dayden                  3:50- 4:10

Daniel                  4:10-4:30              Nico                      4:10- 4:30             Emanuel                4:10- 4:30

Jasmine               5:10-5:30             Larkin                    4:30- 4:50             Emma                    4:30- 4:50

Andrew                5:30-5:50             Shawn                   5:10- 5:30              Anna                     4:50- 5:10

Aida                     5:50-6:10                                                                         Anthony C.            5:30- 5:50

Dillon                     6:10-6:30


Oct 28th                                                Oct 29th                                                Oct 30th

Violet                    7:10 am                  Wyatt                    4:10- 4:30             Cesar                     8:20- 8:50

Haleigh                 3:50-4:10                Dannika                5:10- 5:30             Haylie                    10:00- 10:20

Sylvia                   4:10-4:30

Erick                     4:50-5:10

Anthony G.           5:10-5: 30

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