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Week of January 6th Newsletter

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!  I hope each of you had a good holiday season and were able to enjoy some time with your family.  The students came in a little sleepy today, but that’s to be expected after two weeks away from school.  Your child is halfway finished with fourth grade and the second half of the year will feel like a sprint, so be prepared.


This week the students are working on solving multiplication and division problems in word problems (number stories).  We encourage the students to break down the problems to the simplest terms, read the last sentence first (so they understand what they are trying to solve) and draw pictures if needed.


In science this week the students will begin the study of matter.  They will learn the various types of matter, how it can be classified, observed, and measured.

Social Studies

In social studies the students will begin to study the period of Westward Expansion.  We will learn about why people wanted to move west, the effect on various groups of people, and how that time period helped shape the U.S.


This week in reading the students review figurative language.  We will discuss how to interpret the meanings of the various types of figurative language and why we use it.


Today is the beginning of a new quarter.  The students should have had books with them over the holiday break and hopefully took some time to read.  They will need to be at 25% of their goal by Jan 20th.


Upcoming Events

January 9th          Watch Dog Dad Forms Due                                    February 12th     Friendship Party

January 12th        Watch Dog Dad doughnuts and sign up                  February 16th     No School Pres. Day

January 16th        All Pro Dads Sign Up                                               March 8th             Daylight Savings

January 19th        MLK Birthday No School                                          March 11th           Spring Pictures

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Daniel

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