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Freedmen’s Bureau Assignment

A group of recently freed slaves sitting outside their cabin.



Use the link below to get information about your assigned topic. When you’re finished researching your topic you will record information into a Google Slides sheet for your assigned topic.  Once all slide are complete you will present your slide to the class.


Information about the Freedmen’s Bureau

1. Why was the Freedmen’s Bureau was established

2. Did President Lincoln and President Johnson feel the same way about helping freed slaves

3. Who Created the Freedmen’s Bureau

4. How was the Freedmen’s Bureau organized (into districts and who ran those districts)

5. Who did the Freedmen’s Bureau help and how

6. Who were the people that supported the Freedmen’s Bureau and why did they support it

7. What did the Freedmen’s Bureau achieve

8. Who opposed or was against the Freedmen’s Bureau

9. What were Jim Crow Laws?

10. What was the Ku Klux Klan?

11. What were some of the problems with the Freedman’s Bureau

12. How did former slaves use the Freedmen’s Bureau

13. Who was James Milton Turner?


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