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Meaning of Yellow Stars



The Nazi German government began using the Star of David to organize and identify Jewish people around the beginning of WWII.

People who are Jewish look just like most other people in Europe.  But when they were forced to use the star emblem they were easily identifiable as Jews, and the Nazis forced Jewish people to wear the stars so they could tell them apart and separate them from society.

When Jewish badges were implemented, or first began during the Nazi rule of Germany, Jews were angry, humiliated, and embarrassed to leave their homes. But eventually shame became afraid. A Jew caught without a badge could be fined, beaten, imprisoned or killed. If a Jew was caught with a star wrinkled or slightly misplaced star could be severely punished. All who used the yellow star were discriminated against by non-Jews and  were denied access to schools, businesses and shops, and other places.

The Nazis sent Jews to ghettos and concentration camps and eventually send them to work camps or concentration camps.


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