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Week of April 20th

April 20, 2015

kid testing

Parents,                                                                                                                                               April 20, 2015

I hope you all survived the 2015 Neosho City Wide Garage/ Yard Sale.  It was a soggy weekend and the last extended weekend of the school year. We now have roughly six weeks of school left (The last day of school will be May 28th).  While it seems like a long stretch for the students, we have a lot of fun activities on the horizon to keep them focused on school and to ensure their last elementary months here at Benton are memorable and enjoyable.

Baby Pictures

I need baby pictures for our 4th grade farewell.  Each year we prepare a video to show off your child’s growth at our 4th grade farewell.  We need you to send in a picture of your children anywhere from birth to about age 3.  You can email pictures if you have them saved on a computer , or send a picture with your child and I will scan them and send them back with your children.  Please send them as quickly as possible to allow us time to prepare the video.

State MAP Testing

This week we began our state standardized test, the MAP test.  The students will take the math portion of the test this week and we will begin the communication arts portion next week. We began testing in math today and will wrap up math testing tomorrow. Next week we will test on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please help us by making sure they are at school the days we are testing as well making sure they have a good night’s rest help them do their best.  As mentioned previously, this year the students will take the entire assessment online this year. You can take a peek to see what their assessments look like at

Reading and Social Studies

In reading and social studies the students will be reading about the Great Depression and the New Deal programs.  The students are working together to build a blog.  Groups of students have been assigned a New Deal program to research and are adding their content to a blog that can be found at .  Right now the site is a work in progress.  Visit it again at the end of the week at let your child show you what they’ve created and learned about their New Deal programs.


In math this week the students will learn about reflections, rotations, and translations of geometric figures (as well as taking their MAP test in math).

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 20th Begin MAP Testing                                    May 11th 4th Grade Farewell @ Civic @ 6:30

Thursday, April 23rd Character Carnival                                   May 12th       All School Field Day

Friday, April 24th Benton School Carnival                                May 18th       YMCA AR Reward Party

Tuesday, April 28th Honor Choir @ Civic @ 6:30                    May 9th PTO Glow Run

May 20th       4th Grade Visits Middle School

Week of April 13th

April 12, 2015

April showers clipart and Photo


Happy Monday! I apologize for not sending out a newsletter last week.  I had a meeting on Monday, field trip and election for the Jr. High bond issue on Tuesday, another meeting on Wednesday, and by the time I got to Thursday I figured I would just wait until this week to get you up to date.

Jr. High

In the event you have been out of state and haven’t heard the news, the community rallied together last Tuesday and passed a bond issue that will fund the construction of a Jr. High School for our students.  If construction plans stick to current projections, your children will be the first 7th graders in the new school.  When I told the students last Wednesday they were very excited.

MAP Testing

Next week 4th grade students begin our state standardized tests. It is a completely different format than what we have used in the past (the entire test is online).  We are hearing the test is taking twice as long to complete as the state originally anticipated, so we are going to try to break up their sessions to prevent test fatigue as much as possible.  I will send a schedule of our testing days later this week.  It is important that your child is well rested and attends school on the days we are scheduled to test.

We have been practicing with the new format in class and you can have a chance to see what it looks like this Tuesday night at 5:30.  You should have received a flyer notifying you of a 4th grade art show and MAP night.  This will be a great chance to see some of your child’s art work as well as look over the tests that the state is asking your child to complete.  We hope you are able to come Tuesday.


We are nearing 25% of the quarter already.  The students will need to ensure they are reading at least 20-30 minutes at home three to four nights to stay on top of their goals.  We have a lot of activities in the 4th quarter and it is important they set aside quiet time for independent reading.

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 13th           PTO Meeting @ 5:00                                    Monday, April 20th Begin MAP Testing

Tuesday, April 14th           MAP Night/Art Show @ 5:30                       Thursday, April 23rd Character Carnival

Thursday, April 16th         4th Grade Healthy Kids @ 5:00                    Friday, April 24th Benton School Carnival

Friday, April 17th              No School                                                    Monday, April 27th Honor Choir @ Civic @ 6:30

Thank you for your help and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Daniel

Week of March 23rd

March 23, 2015


Spring is here, the fourth quarter of the school year is here, and it will feel like a downhill run to the end of the school year (with an extra few laps due to our snow days). You are one quarter away from having a middle school student!  I’ll give you a moment. That’s a lot to take in.


This week in reading the students will work on reading informational text to compare and contrast and identify main ideas.  We will also spend some time practicing reading aloud fluently.

Social Studies

This week in social studies the students will study the period of European and Asian immigration during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The students will learn what motivated people to move to the U.S., and about the challenges immigrants overcame as they adapted to life in the U.S.


In math this week the students will use number lines to represent a fraction; solve number stories involving “X” of a fractions by a whole number; calculate perimeter; make a scale model of the classroom; and find the area of polygons.


In science this week the students will begin to study electricity.  They will learn more about how electricity is generated, how it is used, and more about conductors and insulators.

AR and Grade Cards

This week begins a new quarter for AR.  The students need to jump on meeting their goals early this quarter to ensure they don’t fall behind.  Please help make sure they are reading at home at least 20 minutes three to four nights a week.  Third quarter grade cards will go home with the students this Friday.

Bond Issue to Build a Jr. High

Many of you may already be aware that the school district is attempting to build a Jr. High to help meet the growth needs of the district.  If you need more information about this effort you can visit please call me at 776-5405.  We encourage you to vote on April 7th.

Upcoming Events

March 24th           Representative Reibolt visits with 4th grade          April 2nd 7:00 pm Jr. High bond issue information fair                                                                                                                          at H.S.

March 24th           5:30-6:30 Parent technology night @ Benton       April 3rd No school (Good Friday)

March 26th           4th Grade AR Party                                               April 7th 4th Grade Field Trip

March 27th           6-9 pm PTO Date Night for parents                      April 7th Election Day (Go vote!!!!!!)

Week of March 2nd

March 2, 2015


Well I think I jinxed us.  I had bragged about how well this winter was going and how we hadn’t had to miss school due to weather.  Since then we’ve missed several days and depending on this next front coming in, we may not be through yet.  As of now, we won’t finish school until the week of Memorial Day.  I’m putting a sunshine border around this newsletter to think warm thoughts.

End of the Quarter

This is the last week of the quarter.  If your child has not met their AR goal, Friday is the last day! Grade cards will go home the end of next week.


In math the students will name the whole for a fraction; identify & create equivalent fractions; multiply fractions; and compare & order fractions.


In science the students will study light energy; its source and various uses.

Communication Arts

This week in communication arts the students will review using non-fiction text features to understand informational text as well as identifying fact and opinion.

Social Studies

In social studies the students will study the period of reconstruction after the Civil War and effect on Civil Rights for freed slaves.

Voter Registration and Bond Issue

As many of you know, the school district has placed an issue on the April 7th ballot asking the voters to approve the construction of a new Jr. High.  If you plan on voting you must be registered by March 11th, next Tuesday.  Registration cards can be picked up and returned here at the Benton office or at the Newton County Court House.  We encourage you to vote on April 7th.

Upcoming Events

March 9th             PTO Meeting 5:00                             March 13th           Last Day for Yearbook Orders

March 11th           Spring Pictures                                  March 16-20th    Spring Break- No school

March 11th           Voter Registration Deadline              March 23rd          School Board Meeting

(If you’re not registered you can’t vote!)                       March 24th           Mo State Rep Visits 4th Grade

March 12th           4th Grade AR Reward Party              March 27th           PTO Date Night (Info will be sent later)

Week of January 20th

January 19, 2015

January 20, 2015


While this is the slowest time of the year in terms of the activities that occur during and after school, it will be one of the busiest times of the year in the classroom as we close out the second half of the year and try to ensure we have done all we can to prepare your child for middle school.  We will also start to look at the new format of our computer based state standardized tests that are replacing the paper pencil tests we have taken in previous years.  I’ve looked at a few of the examples and they are interesting to say the least.  As testing gets closer we will try to set a date to allow you to see the method of state assessments your child will take this year.


This week in math the students will form angles of a given measure; describe right angles; draw & measure angles; and graph coordinates on a plane.


In science this week the students will classify matter based on its properties.

Social Studies

The students will continue the study of Westward Expansion in social studies.  They are learning about the experiences those traveling west faced and how the movement shaped the United States.


In reading the students will summarize important details from informational text (non-fiction).


Homecoming week is next week.  The students will have a chance to purchase a paw print tattoo for $0.50 on Friday. Below are the themed days for Homecoming Week.

Monday, January 26th- Resting up Our Heros (Dress in Pajamas)

Tuesday, January 27th- Heros come in all shapes, sizes and colors (Wear Class Color Attire)

 K=Royal Blue, 1st=Red, 2nd=White, 3rd= Grey, 4th=Light Green

Wednesday, January 28th- Wildcats Sportin’ Our Favorite Team Heros (Dress in your favorite sports team attire)

 Thursday, January 29th- SuperHeros “R” Us (Dress in your favorite SuperHero Shirt or as your favorite SuperHero **Must be Dress Code Appropriate)

 Friday, January 30th- Extreme Hero Black & Gold (Support our local Heros, wear Black and Gold)

Upcoming Events

February 12th     Friendship Party               March 11th          Last day to register to vote for April 7 Election

February 16th     No School Pres Day         March 11th           Spring Pictures

February 9th        PTO Meeting                   April 3rd                No School Good Friday

March 8th             Daylight Savings             April 7th                Election Day (School bond vote to build new jr. high)

Week of January 6th Newsletter

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!  I hope each of you had a good holiday season and were able to enjoy some time with your family.  The students came in a little sleepy today, but that’s to be expected after two weeks away from school.  Your child is halfway finished with fourth grade and the second half of the year will feel like a sprint, so be prepared.


This week the students are working on solving multiplication and division problems in word problems (number stories).  We encourage the students to break down the problems to the simplest terms, read the last sentence first (so they understand what they are trying to solve) and draw pictures if needed.


In science this week the students will begin the study of matter.  They will learn the various types of matter, how it can be classified, observed, and measured.

Social Studies

In social studies the students will begin to study the period of Westward Expansion.  We will learn about why people wanted to move west, the effect on various groups of people, and how that time period helped shape the U.S.


This week in reading the students review figurative language.  We will discuss how to interpret the meanings of the various types of figurative language and why we use it.


Today is the beginning of a new quarter.  The students should have had books with them over the holiday break and hopefully took some time to read.  They will need to be at 25% of their goal by Jan 20th.


Upcoming Events

January 9th          Watch Dog Dad Forms Due                                    February 12th     Friendship Party

January 12th        Watch Dog Dad doughnuts and sign up                  February 16th     No School Pres. Day

January 16th        All Pro Dads Sign Up                                               March 8th             Daylight Savings

January 19th        MLK Birthday No School                                          March 11th           Spring Pictures

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Daniel

Week of December 15th Newsletter

December 15, 2014


We have already made it to the half-way point of the school year.  Our holiday break begins Monday and your child is two very short quarters from no longer being an elementary student.  If you think the first half of the year went by quickly, wait and see how fast the second half of the year zips by.


In math this week the students will continue to work on methods to solve larger equations using multiplication.  If your child is still struggling with their basic multiplication facts, they will continue to struggle with other math concepts as they year goes on until they have a firm grasp on their basic facts.  Please take time at home to help them practice their multiplication facts.

Reading and Social Studies

Over the past few weeks the students have been studying Native Americans.  We have studied the various tribes that were native to Missouri, their ways of life, and their treatment as the United States began to grow.  We are finishing up a chapter book this week titled The Sign of the Beaver.  The students have enjoyed the book as we have reviewed multiple reading skills and strategies ranging from decoding words, comparing and contrasting, understanding characters and how they change, and making inferences.


This is the last week for AR as our quarter ends this Friday.  If your child has not met their AR goal, they only have four short days to meet it.  Please help encourage them to continue to read over our holiday break.  The Newton County Library is a great place to help them find books they enjoy while we are out of school.

Holiday Party

This Wednesday we will have our 4th grade holiday party.  The students can wear pajamas or Christmas colored or themed clothes if they would like.  We will have hot cocoa and watch a movie in our rooms on Wednesday morning.

Upcoming Events

December 16th Character Assembly 2:15-2:50                                January 6th Students return to school

December 17th  4th Grade Holiday Party 9:00-9:30                          January 9th 2nd qtr grade cards go home

December 18th 4th Grade to Senior Center 12:00-12:30                  January 12th PTO Meeting @4:00

December 19th  ½ day and last day of school til Jan 6th                   January 19th No school. MLK birthday.

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