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Social Studies

Social Studies Text Book Link

  • Geography

Seven Continents Information

Label the Seven Continents and Oceans

  • Government

Branches of Government Video

Three Branches of Government Information Link

Branches of Government Game

Sorting the Three Branches of Government

Kid Who Ran for President Quiz  (scroll down until you find The Kid Who Ran for President)

  • Missouri’s Culture

Festivals ppt

Foods of the World

  • Famous Missourians

Webquest of Famous Missourians

famous missourian links

  • Missouri Regions and Geography

Regions of Missouri Quiz

  • Economics

Supply and Demand

Economics game with a coffee shop

Career Exploration

  • Native American Missourian Tribes

Cahokia Mounds

Parts of a Buffalo

Parts of a Buffalo 2

  • First European Settlements

The Jamestown Online Adventure

  • Lewis and Clark

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Game

PBS Learn About Lewis and Clark

  • Trail of Tears

Declaration of Independence for Kids

Summary of Declaration of Independence and Activities

Trail of Tears Poem

  • Christmas Culture Studies

Christmas Around The World

Information about Countries Around the World

  • Country Comparison Study

Bi-lateral country comparison link

  • Westward Expansion

Life of the Sioux Tribes

Cherokee and the Trail of Tears Refresher

Westward Expansion and the Oregon Trail

A Day with a Child on the Oregon Trail (use the events listed and journal your experience traveling on the trail).

Cholera Comparison and Contrast Video


  • Gold Rush

Gold Rush Advertisement Poster

Routes to California

Gold Rush Adventure

  • Slavery

Scholastic News Underground Railroad

Life for Slave Children in 1861

  • Civil War

Who Was Dred Scott?

Where was Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

Who was Harriet Tubman?

Life of a Soldier in the Civil War

Children in the Civil War


Charlie Goddard from Soldier’s Heart

Letter to Senators from 1860’s

Battle at Wilson’s Creek

Civil War Battles in Missouri

Guerrilla Warfare in Missouri

Lost in Time Civil War in Missouri

The Freedmen’s Bureau and Reconstruction Information

Freedman’s Bureau Project

  • Early Immigrants

Seymour Rechtzeit an immigrant boy’s journey

Early Immigration Time line

Irish Immigrants

Jewish Immigrants

Anit-Immigrant Feelings from Americans

Life of an Immigrant in Photos

  • Industrial Revolution

St. Louis World’s Fair

Triangle Shirtwaste Fire

  • World War I

Short WWI Video

WWI Web Activity (use this one)

WWI Web Activity (2)


  • WWII

Video Summary of the Holocaust

Jewish Life in the Ghetto

Summary of the Holocaust

The Art Work of Children in the Holocaust

Profiles of Children in the Holocaust

Read from Anne Frank’s Diary

Meaning of the Yellow Stars

Propaganda of Dr. Seuss

More Dr. Seuss Propaganda

Mort Walker Video Explaining Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey Comics

Holocaust Quiz

  • Battles of WWII

WWII Summary Project

Enola Gay Dropping the Bomb

Video Discussing Pros and Cons of Dropping the Bomb 

Supporting Argument to Use Atomic Bomb

Supporting Arguments to Refrain from Using Atomic Bomb

The Aftermath of WWII

Hispanic Culture Study

Hispanic Culture Study and Power Point

Additional Information about Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru

National Geographic information and videos of Hispanic Countries

Further Information About Hispanic Countries

Information about Flags of Countries

Famous Hispanic Individuals

  • Holiday Activities

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt


  • Ancient Greece

Going for the Gold (A History of the Olympics)

Non-Fiction Page about Ancient Greece Olympics

Friendly Letter Tour of Olympia

2016 United States Olympic Team

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