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Mrs. Holcomb’s Making Inferences Pack

Moby Max


Main Idea Online Activity

Poetry Quiz

Author’s Purpose

Authors Purpose 2

Nights of the Puffins Web Activity

Look to the North Wolf Fact Page

Inferencing Lesson



Video explaining context clues

Context Clue Review and Practice

Prefix, Suffix, and Root Word Review and Practice

Narrative Elements of Fiction (Character, Setting, Plot)

More practice with Narrative Elements of Fiction

Sign of The Beaver Word Search

Penobscot Native Legends

Facts About the Penobscot

Sign of The Beaver Online Activities

Inference Strategies in Reading

Author’s Purpose Summary Strategy

Dictionary Link

Into the Book Reading Fluency Strategies

Practicing with Main Idea Passages

Etymology of Words

Figurative Language Definitions

Cause and Effect Online Activity

Following Directions Activity

Cause and Effect Science Experiment

Point of View Practice

Text Structure Practice #1

Text Structure Practice #2

Examples of Informational Text Features

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